The things I've wanted to tell the world for a long time have come out in an unexpected manner.

Aka it's not fucking real. Lol, I feel so sick today from a coffee that didn't mix well with me, I bet tons of Christians would say its god punishing me for slandering his name and bullshit lies. [Carson; People love myths.] They don't even try to dig deeper, they just accept what's logical to their illogical infectious brains. They take a single statement and they're happy with it. That's not human. [Carson; They hate working, so they don't work to think differently.] Where has humanity faded, were worth nothing more than the dogs we domesticate. We've become domesticated to a fucking fairy tale, that really pisses me off. [Carson; Truth. That's real talk. We fight, feed, defend, and kill over it. If anything, they're rabid.] I don't hold back my emotions when it comes to this, the product is something Christians would call smart if they didn't know it was about god or religion. If I were to speak like this about Islam, they'd cheer for me, even if all of my arguments apply to them aswell, that's how impressionable they are. I have no desire to watch my race deteriorate to the hands of insanity and imagination, and no mercy to tell them what's really going on. But of course, they'll laugh me off and go thump their Bible with the same arguments they've been using since their religion existed. Whilst science continues to advance as the days go by, day by day. New evidence to back our inquiries, yet they still think they've solved the question of life. [Carson; They're afraid of science and change. Religion is unchanging, which is why they love it.] You cannot cheat life, it does not all fall under one extremely ignorant and stupid answer.. "God made it that way". I applaud the one person who purposely poisoned the minds of everyone, they've done a superb job, the best job, a genius they are, if their intentions were to kill us as a whole. They cannot change their arguments, for they've apparently already solved the most important question. [Carson; They really have.] So they stick with the answers that always end in a stalemate because they think they're so smart when a heathen walks away when in reality the heathen is leaving because he can't bare the stupidity. I'm sure if I were forced to try and reason with the average Christian for one whole day, I would surely commit suicide. Either murder or suicide, it depends on the balances of lost hope or rage. As I read what I just said, I see more twisted products of religion. Religion just lead me to saying I would take the life of myself or another. Such influence from a world breaking placebo. In the end, I'm the one living a life of enjoyable sin with assurance that I will not suffer, instead of living a life of cleanliness and a lack of pleasure. I love how a majority of sins are things that bring us pleasure, it shows their sadistic human creators intentions well; spoil the only life you have to get your hopes up to go to heaven, and find out its fake. [Carson; I understand what you're saying. Sin seems like a limit to the good things in life.] Just take that entire novel that I wrote for you to heart, for that is the fullest of answers of this feud that neither of us, or any of our children, or their children will live to learn. I appreciate you conversing this with me, I've kind of learned a few new things from this. Just know I love you man, if you need to talk to anyone about stupid bullshit like this, I've always got you covered. Take care and fuck religion. [Carson; FUCK RELIGION. You too.]

This is a genuine conversation I had, this is not a lie that I made up for attention or whatever. I've come to the conclusion that if all people, even religious, read this and ignore their stupid thinking processes and try to come to an even understanding that we need to stop wasting our time and money on God. The only substantially good thing religion ever did for us was provide a crutch for when we are in the deepest of times, and if you are strong individual, you don't need the crutch religion provided you, you use fucking logic and your brain. Don't let a book written by a human control your life. We all need to come to the acceptance that there is no deity. It'd make the world a better place. Religion takes more lives than it saves, the ratio for that is something that we're not completely sure of, but if you actually fucking study and history at all to do with religion and war, you'd know that it's a deadly thing. Why fight for God when he doesn't even answer your prayers? You just think he does. Next time your doctor fixes you up, thank your doctor, not God. Do you think God is the one guiding that doctors hand to suture the wound on you? No. It's the doctor, he went to college and worked his ass off to get where he is, he didn't learn it from God or anything like that. You're simply insulting your doctor by thanking a god that they might not even believe in for something they just did, don't give God credit. You cannot kill billions of people with a flower and expect it to still have beautiful petals. It will simply be soaked in blood, and fall apart.

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