Things left unsaid.

I am so sorry to hear your going through such a fight. I'm at a loss with what to positively say to you for you have reminded me of my father who had blood cancer & then everywhere it went not 24 months ago. I spent just shy of 400k trying to save him. I became more than his son, I became his best friend. I changed for the better since then. My last words were "I couldn't be more proud to say how lucky I'm to have such a great father & I'm so sorry Dad that you'll never get to see married. My ex partner left not ten days later, then rang up my work creating a scene & in turn I was let go for creating "this scene". It permanently damaged my reputation in my specialise field of expertise. She apologised months later. I forgave her long before as everything happens for a reason they say so I allowed this to happen. I've always been the pillar of strength & I'll do anything for everyone in my life & the few times I've faltered I'm by myself. A man can only take so much. To the bewilderment of the specialists I offered my organs for my father but you can't swap brains;( Here I rambling on. How rude of me! I thoroughly researched alternate cures & there were two that stood out. A plant that has "fruit" that it grows. It is native to South America, more Brazil. A U.S. Pharmaceutical company found it in the seventies, tried to patent it & failed because it grows naturally in the ground & only in Brazil. They never brought it to market or too light as they can't make money on something that is free. I will find out for you what it's called as I can't remember the plants name. An ex who I'm still friends with revealed this to me. She's a Shaman of Native American Indian descendent living abroad. She was my original guide on my spiritual journey to self enlightenment. I will PM this to you if you like as this is my stop & I'm hopping off. It's been the first night in over a month & no sleep. Work in an hour. Good morning

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