Things do be like that

1998-2000 I went to a for profit school that had a computer programming/web design program. I worked my ass off to make sure I got what I needed to secure a career. My first red flag was they had 100 people day one in our class. Most of them needed to go through a keyboarding course before they could even move to the Microsoft office portion which then led to HTML, RPG, and finally Java. People that couldn’t even type or even turn on a computer supposedly going to become computer programmers in two years.... Most of them dropped out, and I was one of nine that graduated. There were days when we didn’t even have an instructor – because there were so few students. They wanted to cancel an entire course but me and another student would let them because we paid good money and needed this to succeed. Anyway, they also wanted to teach Microsoft office as part of the curriculum and I had been an executive assistant for the previous eight years and knew it well. I wound up teaching that class which was nice experience and helped my resume on my first few IT jobs.

I’ll speed it up to the point – I was the only student out of nine that got a job in IT. Had it not been for my previous experience I would not of been able to get it I’m sure. But anyway I wound up working for a local ISP. They needed somebody to write a CRM application for them using cold fusion. They also worked with content management systems. I was the only programmer, and this was circa 2000. I cannot count the number of times I sent the SQL Server Into a deadlock and had to reboot it because I was clueless. I actually did wind up figuring it out and delivered the project. But my God, talk about drowning. I moved on, (or backward), to tech-support and have a successful career with ITSM systems where I do some development now. The big difference is that there are many many more resources available for newbies.

Didn’t realize I had so much to say this morning but the coffee is good…

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