Things need to change.

Now I’m in a school teaching and there is absolutely no opportunity to even attempt any of the fluffy bullshit that they demand we implement into the class. “Every day should be fun and engaging” “make sure you differentiate assessment and learning for all students”. There isn’t time. There is no time to spend 3 classes on the really cool project that you came up with.

It sounds like this program is teaching you exactly what you need to know about the profession. You will be told everyone one of those things in professional development seminars and during your evaluative observations, too.

I got an alternative path certification, so I've never taken a single education class. I've still experienced every single thing you've said here. Lecture about lecturing being bad. Hour-long talk about how a person's attention span is their age in minutes. Fun and engaging, differentiated learning, etc. etc. etc.

The stuff they're "teaching" you in the university programs are the exact same things you're going to hear endlessly when you're really on the job. And unless you actually luck into a reasonable administrative team, you will spend your career weighing which things you can find time for out of the many things you're "supposed to do."

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