Things I see over and over on here that make me jealous/frustrated to read

At the risk of sounding like the people you’re complaining about, it’s got so much to do with your mindset. That’s why dieting always fails.

Food addiction is the problem. When you’re looking at food as the thing you can’t wait to have, the thing you have to limit, the thing that motivates you… it’s going to be hard. Food is just one of the things that keeps you alive. That’s all it’s there for. Our brains haven’t evolved past the “motivate them to seek out food above all else or they’ll die” stage because evolution is slow, and I’m also not sure if there are any selective pressures to eliminate it anyway.

I know it’s not easy, but I really do believe what your mentality changes from “I wish I could eat more, it’s not fair that I can’t” to “oh food, that’s a thing that I need to live and it’s good so that a plus” it will help a lot.

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