Things really haven't been "good" for almost 15 years.

She got pregnant, our second date. We tried to stay together for a year and she consistently said she didn't want to be held down to one person because she was young and still wanted to see what was out there.. oh, unless she wanted to have sex or something. She had this thing where she would get a fantasy in her head about something, usually something I wasn't comfortable with and I would make itclear that I wasn't comfortable then she would manipulate me into following through by acting like she would leave if I didn't fulfill her needs. Her family showed up to the birth of my child and tried to fight me because I said she needed 15 minutes to breast feed or baby for the first time. She made me feel guilty for taking sides against them. Her grandfather molested her from when she was a kid until early preteens. When I got upset about this person coming to MY HOUSE to pick up her sister she threatened to leave me and said I was being crazy. She started sending naked pregnant pictures to men overseas and they would send her crazy replies about how they wanted to see the birth and would send her fucking weird graphic videos in response and AGAIN when I got made about that, I was in the wrong.

You won't me to go on orrr is playing pokemon not the worst way to cope with the pile of shit that has been dumped on my lap this year?

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