Things that make Reddit users feel smart starter pack

  1. You make it such a generalization. "China". Not the government, not some other thing, just China.


and let them people decide they're own future!

My parents would like to have a talk with you

  1. I don't understand what you mean by "not having open Democratic elections". First off, The Democrats are an American thing. Second, assuming you mean "democracy" when you say "Democratic", it's because there hasn't been a new election in years?

  2. No government is evil, and no government is good, *cough cough biden bombing syria cough cough*

  3. Yall be wanting Tibet to be under the control of Dalai Lama, completely ignorant to the fact that Tibet used to be under a SLAVE society before China took over.

  4. Fun fact, during the One Child Policy (Which I admit was a very bad thing), Xinjiang and Tibet were excluded from it.

  5. China sent many Han people to Xinjiang in an effort to repopulate it. Keep in mind this was still when Xinjiang was a new edition to China. It was already lacking in population. However, many Uyghurs killed thousands of Han people. Hmmm, sounds like a genocide.

CCP has done many horrible things, such as the Cultural Revolution, etc. But it certainly isn't the only government that has done bad things. "Evil" is a heavy word you shouldn't throw around.

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