Thinking about leaving the iPhone 6 Plus for Nexus 6P: Questions...

How many applications is installed on the Nexus 6P and can it be removed since I like to be minimalistic as possible. As looking in unboxing videos and setups; all I have to do is hide Google Play Movies and Hangout

depends on what you like and what you don't like

Has Facebook & Messenger fixed their issue with wakelocks because I'm a active social media user that always uploads photos. Same with Snapchat for instance

as far as I know, they are still crap, you can use broswer version of facebook and turn on notification, uploading photos might not be as pleasing.

Any good Twitter clients (including dark mode, instant notification, all the frills)

I currently use Antenna as my main Reddit client because of edge-to-edge swiping. Would Sync for Reddit be a suitable replacement?

Stupid question, is Mimi still a good 4chan client? In iOS, their was Chan Elite but Apple deleted it because it violated its ToS. Which is hypocritical in that aspect

someone fill in for these

Dark Sky alternatives

weather timeline, it's paid app, but you can get free credit through Google Opinion rewards.

Does Google Play Games do backups like Game Center

Not sure, it has been awhile since I had iPhone

Stock Android, good enough that I don't need to resort to third-party ROMs

personal preference.

If I were to buy a new Nexus or replace one. Would the backup and restore process be similar as iCloud

Painless, Google handles all, you just log in the same account it should sync everything back.

How is your battery life in average

enough to last me more than a day, too many variables to this.

How quick does it process to take a photo from Google Camera

regular shots are quick, HDR+ takes a second or 2.

I keep hearing complaints about people can't record their videos for few minutes or more. While for me, I make videos that could go around for a half hour or more

haven't heard any of this, is this something new? I haven't been recording much tho.

I heard that Aluminum variants come with a weird display issues such as pink hue, etc

one of the common issues to all variants, it's display panel defect.

Android Pay; I have Chase, Chase Freedom, Discover & Capital One. Which one will work for Android Pay

here is the list, Discover is on the list.

How is gaming performance since I play games such as Hearthstone, Vainglory & SIMs FreeToPlay & Grand Theft Auto

shouldn't be any issue, but it will kill battery fast. I blame Snapdragon 810

How is Bluetooth performance because I may swap my iPod and use the Nexus on Bluetooth for calls, play music from Google Play Music and such

common complaints about Bluetooth is that it cut off randomly.

Since I don't test beta software; will Android N be a huge change from Marshmallow?

Not too much, some UI change, some feature added.

Dark Mode, since iOS still blinds the hell out of me with the bright whites

"will" be in Android N, it's still in beta. Hopefully it won't get pulled at release this time.

Night Shift

don't think android has this

Quick Charging, how good is it

about an hr and half to fully charge from almost empty

Do I need a screen protector or the screen is hard to scratch

preference thing. I don't have it. but a lot of people have it

When new updates is out; is it instant to update your device to the latest

if you don't want to wait, once the update is listed, you can download the factory image and flash it. Otherwise expect to get it within a week or two.

Can someone explain to me why Android Marshmallow only received one update which is Android 6.0.1 while in iOS; there's been a lot of updates since iOS 9.0 came out

Actually, we have been getting multiple updates, but they don't increment the version number. They are security patches. As for iOS 9.0, Apple is trying to fix bugs and the stuff they broke in an update, hence multiple revisions.

Can't help you with Android wear since I don't have one.

For credits, get Google Opinion reward, free Play store credits on random pop up surveys.

I can't recommend on case cuz I don't use one now. Only thing you will have to be careful about is the A to C cable. There is a list floating around.

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