Thinking about returning to mod making, what would you like to see based on my last mod?

Prison overhauls. Which are not so buggy as the one on LL.

Why? Because it's fairly easy to get bounty in Skyrim, especially with mods, but once in prison there's nothing to do except, clicking once and by that finishing your time. Click, loading screen, you're out. I mean REALLY? That's all?

There should be tasks to do each day of the sentence, guard abuse, corrupt guards, friendly/unfriendly prisoners, skooma trade, you know, the whole suite.

Daily schedule:

  • No quick ending - but that was the whole point, huh.
  • Day starts with food (if selected in MCM - for those with iNeed or RND)
  • Daily activity ~3-5-10 minutes gametime, some ideas at the end of the post. Maybe selectable in MCM as easy/medium/hard
  • Evening food and after that radiant events, some ideas at the end of the post.

Daily activity ideas:

  • Whiterun - "Mine Stone" north of the town, near Whitewatch Tower, the north of the town it's empty anyway.
  • Markarth - "Mine Ore" in Cidna Mine. -** Riften - "Work on the fields"** at Merryfair Farm.
  • Falkreath - "Work on Tanning Rack". Create leather from hides. Makes sense with the abundant wildlife around the town.
  • Dawnstar -"Work on a fishing boat". Needs to be created.
  • Solitude - "Work in a ship-construction site". Needs to be created.
  • Morhtal - "Work in a fishery". Needs to be created.
  • Winterhold -

1) "Chop ice" The Chill (Glacier ice - not from the sea) to supply the town with enough fresh water - Currently there is no fountain or river in Winterhold, people probably to melt snow or something.

2) "Work in an excavation". Saarthal extended.

  • Windhelm - Work in a sawmill - Anga's Mill is closest, except belongs to the Pale.

Evening Events / Miniquests

  • "Get Me Skooma" you have 2 days to get skooma for the Alpha Thug. Convince a guard to smuggle in skooma for you.
  • "Kill Prisoner X". Sneak kill a prisoner or make it look like an accident to convince the skooma guard.
  • "He Stole My Sweetroll" Prisoner Y asks you to find his stolen sweetroll.
  • "Discredit a Guard" Alpha Thus wants you to discredit an abusive guard.
  • "Proof of Innocence" Proove that the guy in solitary confinement is innocent.
  • "Riot" help or betray the riot - with consequences.
  • "Alpha Thug wants to kill you" convince/bribe/fight the thugs. Survive.
  • "New Friend" befriend an inmate by helping him when other want to beat him up. Win a brawl.
  • "Find me Linen Wraps" help your friend's escape by supplying linen wraps for his ladder.
  • "Cover me" Work doubble to cover your friend's shift so he can escape.
  • Revenge of the guards you riot, huh? we'll beat you up. Brawl with 3 of them one after the other. Survive.
  • Fight Club Win 5 fights to win the bet.

Bonus for making it SL compatible.

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