Thinking about taking a break from college

I went through a very similar situation in that being in CS was the absolute worst time of my life because I loathed every single bit of it. I was terrified to switch majors because I felt like I would be throwing all of my work and pride away, but also couldn't stand to picture myself at some dreary tech company (or even worse, a superficial start-up) for another second. Changing majors was the best decision I made. I spent a year floating around dabbling with other majors, and that was kind of scary too because I felt like I was wasting my time for nothing. But now, I finally found something I'm really passionate for and really happy with. It's hard work like CS, but learning it is oddly fun and doesn't make me want to drive a wrench into my head like CS did lol. I'm grateful that I was in CS for some time though because having CS as a certificate looks really good in the eye of an employer for just about any job that you could apply to.

I would seriously recommend that you just spend at least a semester not in CS and see how you feel after that. No matter what, you can always take summer classes if you fall behind in anything. I just wouldn't recommend jumping ship quite yet because you could be missing out on learning about career paths that you had no idea existed otherwise. Best of luck to you, and I really hope you find what makes you happy!

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