Thinking of Moving to Sacramento

I really miss Sacramento, and a lot of what you said is what I remember about it growing up, but I think it’s not a great time to move there.

All my friends and sis are stuck living with parents still. Even one with a degree and a good job didn’t see any benefit to it. It seems like everyone’s trying to hunker down and stay in.

It’s also gotten crowded. My parents run errands at like 9 just because it’s such an ordeal going out. People seemed less friendly than I remember, lots of like road rage, instigating things. You can find examples of it just scrolling through this sub.

And yeah, the camping trips, day trips, they’ve just happened less and less over the years. The last time we tried going to Apple hill, there was just too much traffic and we never got in (on a weekday). Our regular camping sites in the Sierra have turned into loud, trashy parties.

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