Thinning hair advice

Hey, fellow Pcos girl with horrible hair loss that seemed to occur overnight. I lost like 50 percent of my hair or more in a year. A lot of people including YouTube videos on Reddit are saying that sticking to a low carb diet is what really helps their Pcos symptoms go away bc many Pcos girls even lean girls have some sort of underlying insulin issues. I’m 5’7 and 140lbs and am trying to lose 10-15 pounds with low carb in order to get rid of my gut and symptoms like the hair loss and acne on my jaw. I’m also hairy but haven’t grown a beard thank god. I would say try getting on spironolactone as it can only help (hand in hand with the low carb diet). Metformin can also be prescribed to help sensitize our bodies to insulin but im not on that. I use a Dht blocking shampoo from amazon that helps strip the scalp of dht daily which can’t hurt. I’m really sorry this is happening to you):. I wear hair extensions to hide the thinning until it comes back hopefully.

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