Thirteen Oregon schools have Nonmedical Vaccination Exemption Rates of 50 percent or greater

I like how this thread turned into a circle-jerk bash against "antivaxxers" in an echo chamber. I searched for the word "Pakistan" to see if anyone said anything about the CIA program to gather intel using vaccine doctors. It raises interesting and complexly nuanced questions about how blowback can affect people choices further down the line. For example, I got a lot of shots in my day in the military, but managed to opt out of any that I was allowed to. Why? Because I had seen cases of guys getting extremely sick from some of them, and even cases of guys having permanent issues. I was later told by a mentor that technically DoD could and sometimes did put experiments in them as allowed by some executive order or other. I know the kind of experiments the military has and does on citizens. There are plenty of cases as example.

The point is that almost everyone here is taking just as hard a stance on the subject such as that they will never reach the people who need reaching. Yes, children should be vaccinated, of course. The parents and guardians of the children deserve to be given the scientific studies on each of the injections though. The other thing is that some vaccinations aren't necessarily needed. For example, during the anthrax scare, I opted out of the anthrax shots. The chances of needing it were low. I skip flu vaccines, because I get sick anyway and am a healthy male adult that can take the days off to isolate and recuperate naturally.

The real danger is that you get a bunch of circle-jerking people in power like most of the people in this thread, who then start tossing around commands for who has to get what vaccine (and what is the punishment/consequences)?

Excuse me, but if in doubt, I'd like to remind people that we are still, at least we pretend to be, a nation bound by our Constitution. You can't force me to take a shot I don't want to, unless I am a danger to others, and even in that case, the bar for that kind of action should be set VERY HIGH TO AVOID ABUSE.

We live in a corrupt society, though none of you want to admit it. Conspiracies are a fact, not a theory. That doesn't make all or even a fraction of them true, but you can't sit there and pretend they don't exist and castigate everyone who does while lumping them all into a single group and casually dismissing them. Otherwise they will do the same to you and you've successfully just created one more dividing line that will be used to abuse the populace by the power that be.

I realize this is /r/news, which doesn't have much of a freethinking bent, and that reddit has been going downhill these last few years, but surely it's not as bad as this thread would indicate? Are all the people really in such a unilateral agreement on this subject? It's like all the people on here who like to pretend to be intellectuals just forgot about the whole part about entertaining ideas without accepting them as part of thought experiment. Sad state of affairs really.

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