Thomas Halbert bans L'Oréal from his channel

At this point I'm really not sure what to think of it. The original Facebook post isn't to be found anywhere, and without it we can't put the scattered, and in the case of that Daily Mail article obviously cherry-picked, quotes into proper context. I'm not gonna play the saint, as a white person myself I of course wouldn't appreciate being put into one box with people who are actually and undoubtedly racist and supremacist, but I read the later responses of the model, and tbh she sounds too educated about the matter to have actually said and meant the "all white people" thing categorically; I'm pretty sure it was the Daily Mail who put it into that context. Someone please find a screenshot or something of the whole thing so we can argue based on the original phrasing.

On another note: If this goes as far as L'Oréal becoming subject to boycotts the community will be divided even deeper. I'm confident to say that 100% of r/MakeupAddiction owns at least one item bought from that company or one of their daughter companies, so it would be extremely difficult to avoid them completely.

On yet another note: This discussion is kind of drowning in all those KL & JH & J* n-word posts. Yet again, the missteps of a bunch of white gurus generate more traffic than a racist incident actually involvig a PoC.

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