Thor: Love and Thunder Worldwide Release Discussion Thread

I kept reading lots of complaining about Gor not getting enough time, but I counted all the Gor scenes and it had like 36 minutes run time, I have seen some people claim it only lasted 15 minutes, the final act alone at Eternity battle lasted 10 minutes.

I also don't get how people say Gor did not seem threatening. 1300+ distress calls on the milano and we saw gods butchered, even thor said ' look at all the gods butchered ' in addition to the god killed on screen which was Gor's god and the most personal to him. I am not sure what benefit for us if it happens on screen seeing Gor butcher a namless god one after another. Sure invading omnipotent city and fighting one of the known gods like Zeus would have been epic, but none of the olympians were propably planned to be killed since Thor 5 would propably be Asgardians vs Olympians which the post credits scene implied.

I also am glad that Jane did not overshadow Thor, it was made apparent in the movie that non of them alone can beat Gor and it took a joint effort of the two thors to break the necrosword and even with that, Gor technically won, and he could have asked Eternity to wipe them all before Thor talked him to let go of revenge.

Looking forward to seeing Thor 5 if it will be Asgardians vs Olympians kind of movie plus looking forward to know if Thor will appear in the Guardians 3 movie ( since Guardians 3 was supposed to be out before Thor 4 anyway ) and I hope so cause if the Guardians will be against Adam Warlock, then they really need Thor.

Finally, the title Love & Thunder referring to Love ( Hemsworth's real life daughter ) & Thor was a neat surprise. I just hope that Thor did not gave her Stormbreaker forever and it was just a matter of her not being able to lift Mjolner, cause getting the weaker weapon, losing the bifrost ability and ignoring stormbreaker after that was jealous all movie is not good storytelling.

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