Thorin and MonteCristo say Hans Sama wanted to go to G2 in the 2021 offseason but was blocked by Rogue management.

That's their own fault then. If you want more money, that's absolutely fine, but they need to know the risks entailed in those mega-deals.

It's like all the rest of us when it comes to contract negotiations. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Don't just look at $/hr. Look at PTO, 401k match, benefits, etc. Put your foot down hard on things you don't want to compromise in. Say, "Ok, I'll take /hr less, but you WILL give me __ weeks PTO minimum and vested immediately."

I'd still feel bad if you took more money in said example but have a pitiful PTO because everyone should have decent PTO. However, at the same time, you have to push for that if it was so important to you. Same boat as I feel with LoL pros who get boned by buy-outs. Got to account for that if you felt it would screw you.

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