Thorin's Thoughts - Riot's Inconsistent Hilgers Ruling (LoL)

Hilger had future stake in FNC if they default on loan in the same way Badawi had future stake in RNG when he was unbanned.

They are not the same. Not even close. One has a chance in hell in happening and the other was nearly guaranteed to happen.

Hilger was cooperated with by Riot while Monte was given a "fuck you you're banned gtfo" notice.

Even Monte agrees that he missed a couple of different deadlines. His own video has him reading off e-mails where it's quit clear he's being a pedantic ass. He walked into the situation with a chip on his shoulder and Riot didn't have to deal with it.

Monte was given every opportunity to be involved but chose not to as his time in Korea (along with a couple of vacations) where more important. I think Monte said "Remember, I was in Korea at the time" at least half a dozen times in his video along with being proud that he only corresponded via e-mail.

Not to mention that this situation doesn't involve harassment, late payments, and a host of other shady shit.

It's sad how easily a couple of dudes ranting in front of their PC's can persuade people that a multi-billion dollar company is stupid.

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