Thorium Advanced Heavy Water Reactor likely to be functional by 2020 - India

Thorium reactors have been up and successfully running in the 60s albeit at another level of technology than we'd like to achieve today.

appearently it gets you off insulting others instead of having a normal conversation.

Yes , I live to insult others. Joking aside, I officially apologize to you because you are right that it is very low of me.

Understand though, that I am just slamming my head against the wall in frustration of this wave of ignorance that is rolling through Germany. I would simply like for people to get an unbiased view on a scientific/ engineering issue like this instead of reading Spiegel or Bild propaganda -- whatever party the consumed media favors. Any media is the wrong source to get your information on this. Reading the news does not equal educating yourself. It equals hearing someone's opinion on a matter.

Looking on what happened in Germany after Fukushima gives me and every other semi-rational person on this planet the right to severely doubt the intelligence of the general German public. Thousands of Pegida-idiots are on the streets these days about issues that they evidently don't understand at all -- complete cultural illiterates with a 'they took our joooobs" attitude (absolutely not denying that there are problems with foreigners, but Pegida is just a gathering event for racists and Nazis who aren't interested in actually improving society as a whole).

and all we poor non-physicist pseudo-intellectuals

You're even stating that you and most others don't have any expertise whatsoever on the issue, yet everyone feels the need to propagate the populist battle cries of "Die Grüne" and "Die Linke" who also aren't physicists (let's not even start digging in the pasts of these people) but need to catch some voters here and there. And how do you do that? You play into the fear that Fukushima has caused. Of course, Merkel was promptly flip-flopping again.

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