‘Those are for Y members only’: Students who park at new YMCA will be ticketed

Yeah, but it kinda is if there isn't any YMCA member parking there.

If I'm a non-student YMCA member and there isn't any parking reserved for me by the YMCA and I have to park on some random side street... then this YMCA isn't really an "option" like it was supposed to be.

Do you see what I'm saying? Even though it's open to me, if I can't park there ... then is it really open to me? I mean, imagine if WSU students YMCA membership didn't allow them to park anywhere but at this one. Are the other ones really open to them?

I'll probably never use this YMCA location, but I get why they're doing this. There are probably a lot of people living in the neighborhood who were hyped as fuck about the location they were paying for and would want a spot to park there.

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