To those calling for Beltran to be fired - does this mean anybody on the 2017 Astros should never be allowed to manage?

How is losing his entire legacy and HoF chances not a consequence. He would still have millions of dollars if he was suspended. He would still have the millions of dollars in the contract he signed with us. Firing him would be of no consequence in a year or two when another team decides to hire him as a manager/coach, which you said was perfectly fine. Firing him is a minor consequence compared to what hes already faced.

Beltran is, as of right now, just as culpable as any of the 20+ players implicated anonymously in the report. If you want Beltran fired, you should want JD Davis released so he doesnt continue to get off with zero consequence for his alleged role in the scandal. That's consistent. Yes, the article that blew this whole thing up mentions a player and coach. We know Cora was the coach since that is plainly stated in the official report. We can infer Beltran is the player but that's all we can do. He wasnt named because he was the ring leader, he was named because he is no longer an active player. It's why he wasnt suspended and it's why he was named.

The consequence is from people like you, and admittedly me, who do think Beltran played a role and will never look at his career the same way. Who dont think he belongs in the Hall of Fame and who thinks his crowning achievement, a World Series ring, was unfairly earned. His name will never be mentioned without this scandal. That's a punishment from public opinion.

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