Those of you diagnosed with ASPD, what was the process like?

  • America.
  • I had two options: be prosecuted and go to jail or seek treatment.
  • For years I was given the diagnoses of depression, was on medication and the like for it. Only one doctor ever said anything about a personality disorder before my official diagnosis. It was to my father when I was at the age of sixteen, and he basically told my father that I was fucked, in so many words. I didn't hear this story until my proper diagnosis years later.
  • I suppose I did, but obviously that didn't work. One would logically assume my mistakes were that my test results were inconsistent with my behavior.
  • My parents were interviewed, they were the only ones to my knowledge. The focus was mainly on the recent issues that led to me needing to be tested, but of course my childhood actions were taken into account.
  • I did a couple of scantron like tests, as well as an intelligence test. The interview portion was with the therapist I had already been seeing, although admittedly up until then my seeing her was very sporadic - I have always been awful with keeping appointments, and I never cared to call to cancel in advance... oh, and then I was taken to see another one who specializes in personality disorders, this one now being who I currently see. It took quite a while to receive the results with the testing from my recollection, I think the intelligence test was the one that made this so. I received these giant packets with information from my recollection but I don't think I was allowed to keep my test results, which were also in a packet that myself and my parents viewed with the first therapist. I think her and I viewed them alone first, and then my parents were brought in separately to view them with me.
  • I am currently in therapy with someone who specializes in personality disorders. I see her once a week, sometimes, though I have cancelled many appointments as per usual. I usually just monologue the whole time and don't let the therapist get in a word in edge wise. I'm rather open about my true intentions and behaviors. She sometimes will scold me for this and tell me what I already know, and say something about how if I really want to change (which I don't) I need to look back into my youth and develop a moral conscience or something I usually just laugh off... she has tried to make me get in touch with emotions and tried to make me cry (not in a vindictive manner, more in a manner of getting me to experience emotion to change) but obviously that didn't work. I don't usually mask for her. She seems to find me funny enough anyways, though I have seen horror in her eyes as well.
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