Those of you from the North Caucasus: how is the Circassian genocide taught in Russian schools?

All the North Caucasian genocides are taught from a historically revisionist POV.

How is it historically revisionist? Pretty much the only information we have about the Caucasus wars are from Russianс, and the accounts of one or two Englishmen or Frenchmen who traveled to the Caucuses. Russian accounts of the Caucasus wars have been relatively consistent for about 150 years, ain't nothing revisionist about Russian historians' accounts of the war.

Caucasian war caused enormous scientific and practical interest in the region. With the intensification of hostilities, an intensive study of ethnopolitical and ethnocultural characteristics of the region, which is explained by the transformation of the goals and methods of Russian politics in the North Caucasus. From the needs of military administrative structures Caucasian studies are gradually growing and taking shape. The agenda was now determined by the problem of the conquest of the peoples of the Caucasus and the inclusion of its territory in the Russian Empire.

The cognitive interest of conservative researchers was primarily due to the search for the most effective ways to conquer and control the local peoples. In their writings, the nature of the historical ties between Russia and the North Caucasian peoples in the 16th-19th centuries interpreted through a prism Russia's geopolitical interests in the region. Proponents of the official preservation trend of historiography emphasized the priority of political goals in Russia's actions, its the desire to conquer the Caucasus for the expansion and strengthening of the empire.

What is revisionist, however, is some of the nationalist-influenced stuff written about the conflict. It appears as though some folks from the Turkish media, for example, try to counter the fact that Turkey committed the Armenian Genocide by coming up with their own counter-genocide in the Caucuses. People who distort or deny the Holocaust often have the same tactics.

There's literally a big book called "Historiography of the Russian Caucuses Wars": some nationalists in the Caucuses are rewriting history to create a story about a national tragedy around which people can rally around. It can properly be called revisionist history:

In the 1990s appeared in the scientific space ин the South of Russia version of the Adyge genocide during the Caucasian war and eviction to the Ottoman Empire. This idea was advanced in the studies of A. Kh. And Kh.A. Kasumovs. Anti-Russian performances of the Circassians in the late XVIII-XIX centuries, characterized by authors as a "national liberation struggle" for independence against the "military-colonial policy of Russian tsarism", resulted in "a significant part of the Circassians" evicted to the Ottoman Empire. Many “died of starvation, cold and illness during the relocation". This policy, by According to these authors, became a “grave crime, real genocide” against the Adyghe people."

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