those heavily-discounted Thiers-Issard str8rzrs are (ahem) 'just fine" (to FR standards)...One of the two's scales are garbagey & it doesn't remotely come close to resting upright on a table. But its edge wasn't bad at all & I've just honed it to HHT-4 without a huge fight.

Sean, this video's not a general interest piece for the masses like Stropping a Straight Razor (for which I can say, with pride, that my one entirely unrehearsed take made 8yrs ago is the undisputed viewing king of YouTube and also of vid results for Google search).

It is a ultra niche special interest video, essentially exclusively made for those interested/fence sitting on a Thiers-Issard straight razor due their admittedly-well-earned reputation.

I try to highlight the good and bad of TI fairly so that someone can go spend their money on that brand I don't even carry for over 6yrs now.

It ain't your thing after 0:11? Great! I'm happy for you! But you really, really need to figure out more to do with your spins around the sun allotted than to take the time to consider it important enough that others know this fact.

I'm sure there's lots of crowds that wouldn't "get" Tom Waits, and I wouldn't expect him to do well in a general admission bar. That doesn't mean his art's bereft of merit.

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