To those people in the world who have access to Universal Healthcare, what experiences could you share with Americans in order for us to understand how it affects your life (positively or negatively)?

I've been dealing with a illness, likely some kind of infection thats taken a decent toll on me over the last 5 months. If i try to exercise, even an extended walk, I end up feeling awful. As a result i've lost about 15lbs. Even if im really careful with my diet I still get the occasional bad day where Im in enough pain that i can't really focus on work or a lot of hobbies.

To see a doctor I usually have to miss work because the wait time is between 3-5 at a clinic and 4-9 at the ER (in my experiences). Doctors kept giving me very quick examinations and taking guesses and giving me antibiotics, anti-inflammatories. I ask to see a specialist and they insist theres no need. My health improved over 2 months but then got far worse with more symptoms. I had a hunch at what was wrong with me so I went to a clinic and asked to for THEM to get me with a specialist. The doctor laughed at the suggestion and refused. Then he gave me some really bizarre advice and basically suggested every doctor i had seen was wrong.

So for two days I took his advice and to no surprise I got worse. After spending hours going to other clinics and getting turned away because so many stopped allowing walk-ins and only take family doctor patients, I went back to the same clinic. The doctor looked at the previous doctors notes and told me I just need to give it time. I stressed it's been months and Im missing lots of work, he got annoyed and said "well I can put you on more antibiotics". Pretty sure that should'e be a given but ok.

I get through the prescription of 2 weeks and minor improvement. A family friend, from afar, who is a doctor hears about my problems and gives me a call. I tell him whats been going on and he's flabbergasted and basically tells me to keep on the prescription and that they should've had me on it from day one and its likely why its taking so long now.

He also says I should definitely get in to see a specialist.

I go in and easily get a refill and ask for a specialist to a doctor I've never had at this clinic. They are shocked, " you haven't seen a specialist yet!?". Anyway, I'm currently waiting 2 months to get an inspection from a specialist. The specialist I asked for 3 times over the course of 5 months. So i've basically become a hermit, gotten very out of shape, having some money issues with how much work im missing, and to top it off i'm slowly starting to re-develop bad anxiety and depression that i struggled with most of my life until I started routinely exercising. I got reddit and video games though so .. I guess theres that.

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