Those that have the Pixel 2 Xl, after all is said and done, would you purchase it again?


While the software is arguably as good as it gets on a phone, the hardware is disappointing.

You have stereo speakers — only for them to sound shit. I can feel my phone vibrating and hear distortion after 40% volume.

The screen on my unit is terrible. Grainy as hell, burn in after only a few weeks of usage, black crush. This is not what $900 should look like. I would take a Sony IPS display over this any day of the week.

Apart from the inexcusable hardware flaws (the screen being the major one), it's a great phone. To be honest, if it had a good screen and better speakers, it would be the perfect phone for me.

Oh, and one last thing. Google's support is fucking awful. I didn't think it any company would be able to be as bad as Sony, but Google proved me wrong.

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