Those of you in really unbalanced situations with your AP in terms of feelings, experience or both, how do you feel about that lack of balance?

In a super unbalanced situation at the minute so not in a place to give advice for sure. We are both feeling a lot but have too much fear to ever make the jump and be together I think. There is a lot of dancing around the main topic but it’s definitely there. We have a long and strange history together (he’s married and I’m single) we were together a long time ago but I was careless and ghosted him/ was young and immature in general so he has major trust issues with me which is understandable. I think the worst part is just this push and pull game where one of us feels a lot for the other and expresses it, then it turns into transferring fear and negative thoughts right away and then one of us will ignore the other for a few days saying they need space. Just a cycle that keeps repeating. I’m starting to just feel like I accept them fully and have this strange unconditional love and I’m not even attached to an outcome anymore, just want us to find a little more balance even if that’s apart

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