Those of you Redditor’s in happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationships, what were the “green flags” you noticed about your partner early on in your relationship with them?

When my fiancé and I first started dating in college I had no car and no job so I had very little spending money. He drove everywhere and paid for mostly everything, I pitched in when I could. He never complained once. Then when I got a part time job he would let me use his car. I would drop him off at work, went to my work, and then pick him up after. We had our classes scheduled similarly to make it work. And again he never complained. Fast forward a few years, it’s spring 2018 and we’re engaged. The plan was to wait until fall for him to be able to buy me a ring. I was fine with waiting but he could tell I would love a ring sooner. He had been investing some money in crypto currency and was doing pretty good. Well he cashed out all his investments and surprised me with going ring shopping. He has always thought of me in his actions. Our relationship is not perfect and we have fought plenty of times but it was never about money or material things. We put in the work, got through our issues, and now our relationship is strong. We’ve been together almost 6 years and we’re getting married next month. It’s hard to put into words how much he means to me and how much I love him. He makes me feel safe.

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