Those of you Redditor’s in happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationships, what were the “green flags” you noticed about your partner early on in your relationship with them?

A tad late to this thread, but I'd like to add a slightly different perspective. It seems like people tend to focus on communication being the most vital aspect of having a successful relationship, and while I agree that it's important, I wouldn't rank it at the very top. In my experience, mutual respect is the #1 key to having a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Communication is #2. Hear me out...

When my now-husband and I first started dating, I could instantly tell that he had a genuine respect for me that I hadn't really experienced before. My previous relationships were filled with communication, which of course helped us out as a couple, but there were several times that talking things through just didn't matter, because one or both of us didn't respect the other enough to do anything with the information being communicated.

My husband and I don't always agree on things, of course. Politics is a topic that comes to mind that we differ quite a bit on. But we both respect each other, and that allows us to communicate healthily. I may not respect his particular view on an issue, but I respect him enough to always keep an open mind, listen, and try to understand his perspective and what led him there. And he, of course, does the same for me.

A friend of mine just got out of a long-term relationship where they had pretty differing political views, and they could have conversations until they were blue in the face, but it never really mattered because they just didn't respect each other.

How can you really feel comfortable enough to communicate with someone (especially about the tough stuff) if you don't respect them or feel respected by them?

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