Those who have been through mental health hospitalization, what are ways that it is flawed in your mind and what needs to be changed?

I was accidentally held in a psych ward after my sister died when I was 15. While this was due to a miscommunication, I spent 4 hours in a padded cell while my parents tried to get me out. At many times in those 4 hours I showed I didn't belong there, and they refused to believe my parents before I 1) explained the mistake and 2) cut short my stay by forcing the doctor to listen to me.

The doctors need to work with individuals one by one and not treat it as "everyone is the same". To show actual care to the mentally unstable and ill is what they went to school for. The flaw is believing that all of us are the same or fit in to certain categories, when those things only narrow it down but don't define.

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