Those of you who want CNC need to understand what a giant, horrific, dangerous ask that is of your partner.

I think you’re over thinking it.

My ex asked me, I was scared at first because I naturally want to please her and it seemed counterintuitive to pleasing her.

I am pretty good at accents and we would role play as different characters which I had no problem getting into character for whether it was fireman, police or whatever and she did characters for me. I realised it was no different with CNC it was just us playing characters.

You could have the same fear that by playing characters you could be at risk of promoting cheating on your partner because you are feeding a fantasy about people that aren’t you.

The difference is it’s a fantasy within a trusting relationship. And she really got turned on by it which made it hot. It would stop being hot the moment she stopped being into it which is the difference.

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