Those who completely changed your lives, who were you then and who are you now?

I was the kid who everyone fucked with in middle school. I was overweight and unattractive, and people made sure I knew it. My parents sent me to a private school starting freshman year. I'm not entirely sure what I did differently, but I was no longer a looser. I wasn't popular, but I had a few friends and was much happier. I think I still had the stigma associated with middle school, and still generally kept to my self and didn't talk to the "popular" kids. During sophomore year, I became a lot more social and started hanging out with the cool people. That was a pretty great year. I had my first girlfriend that year. Junior year went even better. Everyone in the school knew my name. The freshmen and sophomores would say hi to me in the halls. Three girls asked me to prom. I went to my schools prom with one of the more attractive girls in school. I went to another prom at a different school with a girl I know from work. It is currently the summer before senior year, and it's been a pretty decent summer. Work has been stressful, but the weekends are filled with good times with some of my best friends. I went to a small graduation party this past week. I ran into the most popular girl I remember from middle school while there. She didn't even recognize me, and she didn't believe me when I told her who I was. I really hope the trend will continue and senior year will be the best yet. On the same token, I'm very worried about high school ending. I know that in college, and later in adult life, social standings in high school don't mean shit. Most of the people who are a big part of my life now, won't have any idea how I'm doing in 3 or 4 years. I really don't want high school to be my best years. Right now my life is awesome. But it would really suck if I did most of my living in my first 18 years. I will probably come across as a dick by saying the things above, but I just still can't get over how I went from being so unpopular, to where I am now in less than 3 years. It just makes me really happy to think about. Thanks for reading!

tl;dr Middle school sucked, but I stopped being a loser in high school and managed to have a good deal of fun.

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