To those who didn't grow up with narcissist abuse - **What was it like to experience the abuse and how did it change you?**

I wouldn't say my childhood was 100% healthy, but I didn't experience narcissism until my mid 20s in a relationship. I still witness the narcissism within his life now, although we're no longer together.

My relationship was unique, as everyone says theirs is, and they totally are. We may have similarities among our relationships because they are narcs and they share commonalities, BUT there's always unique things that may set them apart.

I honestly didn't see everyone with my rose colored glasses off until afterwards, after he walked away, after I had been alone, after I had learned so many truths, after I uncovered so much, after I had pretty much been my own therapist in learning about the type of person he was, things I was fooled about, etc. I'm a completely different person with a completely different view on everything now because of that, and maybe that's why I was put through that so I wasn't so naive anymore or fragile, I'm not sure. I try to believe everything happens for a reason.

I have crazy moments where I'm content and good, and things sneak up on me and I am totally aware I"m having illogical thoughts but they creep into my mind anyways. But I'm so much stronger than I was, even a year ago. Every year that goes by I"m better. I'll be turning 35 next month, and, I'm still evolving.

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