Those who have a good relationship with their parents, why do you? For those who don't, what happened?

I cut contact with my dad more than a decade ago. He did a lot of unsavoury things when i was younger, and when i found out about them later, he twisted everything into someone elses fault and did his best to manipulate me into loving him again. He had no regard for my feelings or the​ damage he was doing, and i wasn't able to take more than four years of near daily harassment. He didn't want a relationship with me, he wanted a weapon against my mother.

My mother did her best to get us out of immediate danger, but failed to see the ongoing issues. She covered up his initial transgressions until i was "old enough to understand", but provided very little support after she ripped up my world view, which led to me deciding far too young that people can't really be trusted because even my own parents were using me. That was reinforced when she strongly suggested I leave home so she could go live with her boyfriend, after getting engaged without telling me. We talk every few months and i know she loves me in her own way, but I don't tell her much about my real issues.

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