Those who have had a brush with death/near death experience, what did it feel like?

Considered answering this with a throwaway account, but decided not to.

Played with the idea of nitrogen hypoxia as an exit method. Relatively painless, leaves a body that is somewhat intact. Nonviolent, no blood/gore. You might be a little bloated, but it is painless and leaves a minimal amount of cleanup for first responders.

Attempted once. Was 100% ready for whatever comes after death. Rented a super upscale hotel room, went out for a nice dinner, dressed nicely, then went back to the room to end it.

Passed out fast. I remember counting down from 60. Expected those to be the last thoughts to cross the mind. The mask I made had a leak and let some oxygen in, was awoken by paramedics the following morning...well after check out time.

During the experience, I remember a sense of being enveloped in a velvety blackness. No angels, no demons. Just...nothing. Like before you were born. Just silence and nothingness.

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