Those who have had a relationship break up after 5+ years, why? Why did it work for so long and then suddenly just...not?

My longest relationship ended weirdly, and after having time to think about it, rather selfishly on my part. There was some things early on in the relationship that should have put up red flags(false pregnancy, arguing whenever I talked to another girl, and before we went out she cheated with me) although I looked passed this as I liked her, and I'm glad I did, we were young at the time and made mistakes, we grew together and became a good happy couple.

We lived together at her parents and then I got my own place, we switched between staying at mine and hers, then one day both of our grandad died, completely fuck. We both ended up spending the week apart with our families, funerals etc. Buried on the same day so we couldnt be there for each other.

After this she thought I saw being distant, which I might have been, but I was just upset and now I can see she was too. On top of all of this I was dealing with depression, which she didn't fully beleive and just expected me to stop. It felt like she expected me to just be able to anything. One night we where sitting watching TV and she told me she was horny, in an expectant way as if her just saying that was all she needed to do to get what she wanted, I saw it more of a test. I told her she couldn't just say that and expect me to do all the work. She then started saying I don't find her attractive or love her anymore, which was ridiculous I did and I did. I just couldn't fight with her, so I let her day what she had to say she talked herself into thinking I was breaking up with her and said she will still be me friend and she'll help me through whatever I was going through and then she left. That was the last time I ever saw her.

I still think about her and the dogs, and I hope she is doing well. It's been about 4-5 years, I still have the bag of clothes she left just incase.

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