Those who hate the wPvP chaos of phase 2 - what’s your plan if BGs DON’T make things better?

Not come back. Things were terrible on Stalagg in phase 1 for Alliance. I was getting camped for multiple hours regularly before the honor system was even implemented. Hell, one time I got camped for over an hour and decided to log. Came back over an hour later and THE SAME 6 HORDE WERE STILL CAMPING ME. I was level 42, they were all 60. I stayed with it, kept trying to grind, got to 60, got my epic mount, etc. Got most of my pre-raid BiS despite it taking 5x linger to get into an instance than it did to run the instance.

Phase 2 came out, kept trying to get my last BiS. I died 14 times between TP and UBRS, it was definitely frustrating how long it took but what was more frustrating was getting spammed with /spit and /lol each time I got killed 20v1. Got my belt, it was all worth it, whatever.

Got a group together for an Arena/Anger farm the next day and headed to TP. I already had over 100 Arena/Anger kills at this point and hadn’t seen HoJ or SGC. I died 21 times between TP and BRD. Spy picked up hundreds of Horde in SG and BRM. I didn’t move a single time upon rez. Instantly stun locked until death every time I accepted rez. Spammed with /spit /rofl /gloat /slap etc. The group fell apart before we even started and we still found a way to make it work, ultimately inviting 3 people before one of them made it all the way to BRD. 10 runs and none of us got what we needed.

The whole time we were farming, we were all talking about how we weren’t having fun anymore. None of us knew each other, all from different guilds. All of us had played Vanilla 15 years ago. We all added each other on after a few runs. By the end, we all agreed that we were done. Not a single one of us has logged onto Classic since other than for raid. Last time one of us got on even for raid was over a week ago.

Blizzard will not get a cent of my money until this shit is fixed. I probably won’t even come back to Classic once it is. I was waiting for over a decade for this and Blizzard shit all over it. I played both Alliance and Horde throughout the decade and a half I played WoW and always maintained the attitude that the factions don’t really differ because we’re all people sitting at computers. We’re all the same, more or less.

Nah. Fuck anyone and everyone who plays Horde on Stalagg. Actual garbage human beings. Shit is fucking pathetic. And fuck Blizzard for their lack of foresight/awareness. Classic is fucked. I sold all my Blizzard stock I’ve been holding onto for years. I’m free from this shitshow of a company and franchise.

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