To those who keep posting about that guy quitting over the intercom...

Fuck off. This kid is a lazy, entitled prick who made an asshole out of himself. His name is posted EVERYWHERE along with these videos, which have been shared incessantly. This is going to follow him for the rest of his miserable life.

The only job this asshat will ever get is digging ditches for a construction company. Oh and guess what? He won’t be able to walk off that job.

He quits Walmart like this — whatever, I hate Walmart too. I don’t blame him for quitting. But there’s such a thing as handling oneself with grace. He says he was there a year and a half. REALLY?! What kind of Walmart hires a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD?! BECAUSE SEVENTEEN MINUS ONE AND A HALF EQUALS FIFTEEN AND A HALF!!! MORE LIKELY HE WAS THERE A WEEK, THEY ASKED HIM TO DO SOMETHING HE DID NOT WANT TO SO HE QUIT.

Now go ahead and fuck right off.

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