Those of you who moved to a different city/country after spending most of your life in one, how did you make new friends without being a student?

So I know this will come off as that spammer a few days ago, but I'm not, and I have a question, do you think my friend was telling the truth when he told me his dad's friend worked with Craig Bartlett in Snee-Oosh and Games Animation Inc. making that Helga Pataki spinoff. So him and his dad were telling me how they were already trying to make a theme song rapped by DMX or a parody of a DMX song called Ruff Ryders Anthem, and then when this was rejected they came to an average plotline of 'The Patakis' and another thing was that my dad's friend tried to incorporate a plot that Helga smoked cigarettes later on which was rejected and people threatened to fire him after that, so he worked on a different plotline, and he worked on the theme song which would be called "Helga Rap" it would follow a 2pac type style and ran at 95 BPM (beats per minute) and had a slow tempo which the guys estimated to be like 85-120, but it was never confirmed and the my dad's friend didn't remember. Another guy who worked with my dad named Jason Oyadeji, i don't know if this is his real name, but he incorporated a lot of lyrics like "I'm Helga Pataki can't you see if loving Arnold was a game I'd be MVP because I ram people with my fist like a car bumper it's Helga Pataki like Bambi to thumper" and "Ayo Olga dropped out of teaching in school, so she acts a fool and she's there riding horses, and my love for Arnold's unbelievable like aliens and flying saucers." The rap lyrics that I listed were supposed to be rapped by Francessca Marie Smith according to the people I've talked to, and also I have no idea that in the animation drawings that my dad's friend has (some of them look like fanart and propably were drawn by him, and some I guess were Bartlett's) had whenever Helga ate she always had food on her face (mostly chocolate) similar to how she looked sitting on the couch in "Married" while eating chocolate and being lazy. Is any of this real or is it just a prank from my friends, like they started talking about this in April, so it could be a joke, also Helga smoking is just, plain, unsettling.

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