Those who have used the share button on pornhub, Why?

In my personal experience, I have found that most girls I have sex with have no skill at all. To the point where some of them couldn't figure out that you can't jerk off a circumcised the same way one might jerk an uncircumcised cock. Maybe these women just happened to be different cases of a Catch U Next Tuesday

But I digress, some girls who are actually willing to listen, I would direct them to a video I like and hopefully they could emulate what they see but others girls get so pissy if you don't give them 5 fucking stars across the board immediately at the start. Like, it's 2020 so if I have to try my best to meet your sexual needs then you should be doing the same right? I believe the word for that is equality but again I digress.

Tldr: I sometimes send a video I would like to emulate to a girl who I think could learn better from a video than me simply telling them (for risk of upsetting them)

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