Those who have visited Japan at least once already: What was the highlight of your trip?

The thing that makes Tokyo beautiful and amazing for me is that every place and every day can be a crazy experience. I've had amazing times and meals at little whole in the wall places I wandered into randomly. I've seen cool stuff just walking and wandering. Have a plan, but keep an open mind to what you may end up getting into.

My personal best interaction was at a Shinto temple. It was a larger one in what appeared to me to be a park. And it was active. So it was beautiful but people were also praying. There were these two kids outside waiting for their mom to finish prayers. Brother and sister, like no more than 12. The boy had one of those cool fighter looking beetles and since no one else was interested he showed it to me. I didn't speak Japanese, he didn't speak english, but I was notably impressed, took their picture then gave them a strawberry kit-kat for showing me their cool beetle. I'm sure their mother was thrilled that while she was quietly praying some adult stranger gave her children candy... but that's what happened.

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