Those with equal PT and Reaper experience, what does Reaper really lack?

3) Solidity - a typical sound effects session might have 40 plus tracks at 96kHz, each with insert effects. A full television session might have 80 or 90 tracks! Pro Tools is designed to handle this size of session, with the hardware power to back it up, and with good Hide/Disable functions to allow you to control the sheer scale of it.

What does this even mean? Your entire post reads like a Pro Tools magazine advert. We're talking about software, so why are you making statements like Pro Tools has "the hardware power to back it up?"

Reaper has an excellent routing matrix and is "designed" to handle plenty of tracks. What professional DAW isn't designed to handle 40+ tracks at 96kHz? Your limitations there will be your computer and audio interface, not your DAW.

This is like those old posts on GS or recordingreview where people claimed that rendering in Pro Tools made their mixes "warmer" compared to, say, FL Studio, Cubase or whatever.

Pro Tools is great and rock-solid, it is the de facto industry standard for a reason, yes..but not for the reasons you've listed.

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