Here's a thought -- it strangely empowering to think about surprising your boyfriend / husband with a blowjob

It's gross how common it is I heard from a lot of friends. My husband does as well. Complains we don't have enough sex but the only one stopping us from sex is him. I literally rejected him once in a seven year relationship. I'm ready to go everyday.

I have flat our told him three weeks ago there will be no more e trying to have sex with him because it's pointless and if he wants it he will have to come and get it.

He says he misses me trying because it made him feel loved. I told him I won't because it made me feel fat and unattractive. He is more affectionate now which is nice. And he does daily come to me for cuddling which is nice. But the damage has been done. I'm done trying. It's his turn.

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