A thought experiment: WHAT IF the average pregnancy was significantly more dangerous and burdensome than it is now? Would that change your view?

How do you suppose you might feel if you prevented the pregnancy and find sitting beside your spouse/sister/friend who is now blind, deaf, fully paralyzed, suffering in unimaginable agony, and maybe (one might imagine) silently cursing you for condemning them to this fate? Do you imagine you might feel conflicted at all about whether you had done the right thing?

I'm also wondering if you think that IN REALITY many other people who oppose abortion rights would try to stop such an abortion from happening, if we knew IN FACT (or at least to the highest possible degree) that it would save their spouse, sister, mother or friend from suffering for the rest of their lives in unimaginable agony, blind, deaf and paralyzed? I have to say that I find it hard to believe that any individual would actually go through with it in practice but I find it laughable to imagine this would be a popular position, assuming that such a disease popped up (probably unlikely you never know, novel diseases can pop up all the time). I'm curious what you think.

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