I thought I had seen stupid, APPARENTLY NOT

They'll either point blank ignore you, try to say they have more than one transaction (which at that point if it looks to be way over 15 items each for two transactions, I say really nicely "Well if a customer with one or two items comes up behind you, then it wouldn't be fair to you. Register 8 over there is a full service lane and they don't have a big line."), or bitch about you not having anything to do then when you try to say that somebody that's actually under the limit may be in line leave and complain to the manager and get to go in the lane anyway. If it looks to be around 20 or so items, I'll go ahead and take them, what's an extra five items going to hurt? If they have, say 30+, I'll do my damn best to get them out of my express lane. A lot of people will sneak in while you have a line of two or three people with like under five items each and load all their gazillion items on the belt so that when you finally notice that they have more than 15 items, you can't tell them to leave because "they've already loaded all their stuff onto the belt." I had two ladies do that with a ton of manager's special marked cans of vegetables (manager's special tags at my store hardly ever scan so you have to type in the barcode by hand every time it doesn't scan) and when I checked their receipt at the end of the transaction (I pretty much always do, most of the time after they leave. I'm nosy and I like to know just how many items that they were over), they had 250 items. In a 15 items or less express lane. And they had sneakily loaded about 3/4 of it onto the belt while I was dealing with a customer that needed a price check. I started watching the buggies like a hawk after that. Needless to say, I have severe hatred of the express lane. I will try my best to sweet-talk the supervisors into putting me on a big lane instead. Bribing them with cookies usually works. (I bake stuff from scratch and bring it up to work all the time. Usually cookies since they're my favorite thing to bake so I've gotten the nickname cookie monster from my co-workers.)

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