I thought that many of you would agree with Robins arguement and understand that there are more than 2 sides to take. (The Naughty Dog "Agenda" - An Honest, Open Conversation)

After watching this video and seeing all these comments... idk how i feel. I think it says a lot about our society though. I can only hope ND tackles this subject head-on without shoving sjw shit down our mouths. I don't care about a character's sexuality as long as they are portrayed realistically. But it is when this sjw culture demonizes straight white men just for being who they are, where i have a huge problem. Just as the actor for lev did in the tweets Robin showed in this video. If there are no characters that represent straight males in a good light, i don't know if i can really enjoy the game as much as i want to. In the first game Joel was an amazing character because it showed a man's fall into despair, and his attempt at redemption. I related to him as a man. The thought of losing a child and then going on with your life for decades after is riveting and tragic. But Part 2 will be Ellie's story... I have every confidence that ND won't just give us a simple revenge story, there has to be more to it than that. My only concern is that ND's message for the game will mirror the sjw culture in our society today. Other than that i have no doubt Tlou part 2 will be a visual masterpiece at the very least.

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