I thought r/Detrans was a healthy place for people who realized they took the wrong path, people who started HRT too early, who did not sort out other mental issues first. But it also seems to be a place full of hatred and Terfs!? Wtf.

Wow! You even posted on r/ asktransgender about detrans. If you don’t want to stick around to get the full story, if you want to be in an echo chamber that does nothing but affirm your mental illness, then that’s a lovely thing to do. Personally, I’d rather people tell me I can’t change my sex so I’m not under the impression that I can magically become male just because I want to. That’s not the way it works. People here have been primarily nothing but compassionate to me, and I’m a heavily dysphoric individual. They point out reality because they CARE.

Anyone that would agree with me that I can magically change my age, natural hair color, eye color, or whatever permanent traits I have- they would be encouraging my delusions. I don’t want anyone like that in my life. They perpetuate fantasies instead of suggesting a palpable way to deal with the problem. Cutting organs out of my body won’t make me male. Injecting testosterone won’t make me male. Cutting my breasts off won’t make me male. A deeper voice won’t make me male. I’d be a hormonally and surgically altered female. You can’t change your sex. Social roles aren’t sex. The sooner you accept that, the easier it is to conceptualize your dysphoria as something other than a lifestyle and a personality trait.

“Trans pride” is like being proud of being depressed. Gender dysphoria is fucking hell. I’m not proud to have it. I don’t hate myself. I just don’t want to experience something that actively causes me distress.

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