I thought Tinder and Bumble were dating apps? Sorry I don’t want to be your free call girl.

I feel like a young girl starting out dating using dating apps could really get her esteem warped

I mean I’m no newbie to the game so the odd time I went on an online date & the guy tried some bullshit like negging or some PUA reverse psychology bullshit, I immediately recognised it, shut him down & blocked. But that’s only cos I have plenty experience dealing with manipulative fools & their insecure games.

However if I was a 17yr old virgin getting negged by some mediocre unattractive loser on a first date who was demanding I pay half & give him sex straight away ...it might knock my esteem & warp my sense of self. Unless you’re very strong minded ofc

This is why they love preying in younger women, especially those from bad homes ‘oh yeh all my ex’s gave me anal so if you don’t I’ll have to get rid of you- literally everyone does it’. That’s the type of shit they’re throwing out there in hopes of catching a naive Pickmeisha with weak boundaries.

Men on dating apps seem to behave farrrrrr worse than real life, & that’s saying something. I don’t think young girls should be anywhere near them at all

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