Thoughts on the Alesis Crimson II ?

I see, really thanks for the explanations, now my puzzle solved and I think I have been playing it correctly with the "Pedal" selection.

Correct me if I'm wrong, the only problem I have with this technology (or would say design) is that, in order to get a clean closed-to-open sound (just like an real acoustic) on a down beat, I guess we have to lift up the pedal a little bit earlier before hitting the hi-hat. This is not an issue for playing simple and slow songs, which does not require fast open hi-hat timing then. Else, we need to go for advanced controllers like Alesis Strike or Roland like you did.

See if you are agree or any other comments? Thanks a bunch!

Yes, I really like the mesh heads with the rims, apart from the crimson colour. However, my snare trigger has just broken, have to fix it...

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