Thoughts on autism schools?

we are trying to get our district to agree, but I would love to send my daughter to a special needs school.

Shes 7, and while not completely non verbal (has about 80ish words that she knows and can recall with relative ease) she has some serious disruptive behaviors that causes her to run, walk out and into random classrooms and screaming fits that have no real beginning or end. She does well with the school work, but behaviorally they cannot give her what she needs in the least restrictive environment.

really, for kids like this they need more focus on all over general wellbeing with a secondary focus in academics. Public schools only focus is academics (at least my district that seems to be the case) and leaves all the behavioral problems up to us the parents, her caseworker and her in home support person.... which causes alot of problems because shes so used to getting her way when she screams at school, and she doesnt at home.

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