Thoughts on Characters?

First of all, there's Phi. She's self-explanatory...I mean, she's magnificent. That said, I'm always into "enigma" type characters, and she is one paired with a personality that can't go wrong. Here's to hoping she does retain some of her VLR sass, however.

Sigma is another character I'm looking towards the most. It's exciting to see him showing such passion and frustration--I can practically see the decades of hardship on his sleeve. I assumed him to be a lot more stern, but I was totally wrong about that. Few times do I feel glad about being wrong, and this is one of them.

Diana. Don't know how to feel about her right now. I felt neutral about Luna, and I still maintain that. My hopes for her are that she is a lot more proactive and independent then she seems to be. My fear is that she may be passive and prone to giving into her fate. I also hope that her kindness won't always be her downfall--characters like her are still a pleasant presence in unforgiving games like these.

Eric...Heavily fear-driven, unhealthy attachment tendencies, possibly brainwashed (by Mira) already. An asshole, but may have more bark (threatening) than bite (actually killing). I'll enjoy his antics even if he's just a wuss, and I'm still not totally convinced that he isn't suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or something...

Mira on the other hand is probably a serial killer. Could be fun, but I just hope this aspect to her ties into the overarching story and she's not just a "volatile element" to stir the pot or to manipulate Eric.

Q. Still not convinced that he isn't some sort of walking Schrodinger's Cat time paradox, anyways, his concealed identity is a big red flag. Could be something wacky, like a younger version of Brother whose esper powers have been cut off from the morphogenic field, or could be Kyle. Putting aside all the mystery, I think Q being paired with two very...interesting individuals is a fun premise. Then again, that can just translate into nightmare fuel...poor kid.

Junpei is...well, I don't know what to think. Him saying he's done being the hero because he's an "adult" now as he beats someone up disgusted me even though I normally like asshole characters. The edge is simply too much for me. I doubt he'll maintain this bad attitude through the story, but for now I'll reserve any real judgment.

Finally, there's Carlos. I have a bias for this guy. He's heroic, badass, and confirmed to be an exceptionally good person, but he's willing to do things that most others won't (such as chop off his own hand off in order to get rid of the bracelet) and he's intense, perhaps to a point where others may construe him as potentially unhinged. I don't think so, though who really knows...I think every participant may snap in one timeline or another. Anyways, my favorite thing about him is that while there is some huge inconsistencies with most popular theories surrounding who he is, there's one thing clear and that there's something huge up with him. Perhaps reaching Q or Phi levels of a mystery.

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